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Experience the Magic of Magnificent Marlborough in Our Newest Region Gift Box

Marlborough Foodie Gift Box Unboxing
Magnificent Marlborough Gift Box

Join us on another taste adventure as we set our sights on the beautiful region of Marlborough, specifically the delightful town of Blenheim and beyond! We cannot contain our excitement as we embark on a new culinary journey, curating a collection of delectable treats and flavours that will transport you to the top of New Zealand’s South Island.

Our team has put tremendous effort into bringing together a wonderful group of suppliers passionate about showcasing Marlborough’s best. From locally-produced olive oil to chocolate-coated candied figs, from award-winning wines to honey, our newest region gift box is a true reflection of Marlborough’s diverse and exceptional culinary offerings:

  • 🫒 Faversham or Isobel Olives Olive Oil
  • 🫙Manaaki Kamokamo Pickle
  • 🍫Old Road Estate Chocolate Coated Figs
  • 👨‍🍳Pinoli Pine Nuts
  • 🐝 Taylor Pass Honey
  • 🍾 Tohu Wines
  • 🌰 Uncle Joe’s Hazelnut Spread

We take pride in allowing you to send gift experiences from Marlborough from the comfort of your own home. Each carefully selected item in our gift box embodies this magnificent region’s unique spirit and flavours.

So get ready to surprise your loved ones with an incredible gift that will take them on a culinary adventure to Marlborough’s picturesque landscapes and thriving vineyards. And don’t forget, our gift boxes are perfect for corporate gifting, too — for real estate settlement gifts, building company handovers, or placement gifts for recruitment companies.

Make their day extra special with a gift that supports local businesses and showcases the diverse flavours of our country.

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