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Made in Kāpiti: Sone’s Sauce — Artisan And Authentically Thai Cooking Sauces

Sone's Thai Cooking Sauce
Sone making her Thai Cooking Sauce — Photo: North & South Magazine

Meet the team! The amazing Sone of Sone’s Sauces is an instantly recognisable face to many on the Kāpiti Coast. Known for her amazing positive energy and her incredible sauces, Sone lovingly handcrafts each batch of her all-natural sauce range.

Each herb is peeled and chopped by hand, each lemon squeezed fresh from the tree, the tastes are closely monitored to make sure they’re no less than perfect, and then finally hand poured into each bottle, ready to dance across your lucky tastebuds.

Gifts with Sone’s Thai Cooking Sauce

All this from her small family-run business on the Kāpiti Coast. We are super fortunate to be able to include Sone’s Sauces in our gift box range:

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